Toronto salsa lessons


Our teaching style is clear and structured, yet relaxed. A strong emphasis is placed on teaching you why specific movements and steps are carried out, versus simply telling you to memorize a pattern given by the instructor. Moreover, we encourage a warm, friendly and inclusive learning environment – whether you are looking to learn so you can partner dance at a club, perform that first wedding dance or spice up one of your corporate teambuilding events.

We focus on fun, social dancing, centered on strong fundamentals. Our classes focus on key principles – the underlying premises and rules that give rise to the moves in salsa. Every person has a different dance style and body type; with principle-centered training you can react to the situation and adapt as things change.  In other words, you would develop the skills to dance with confidence, with a variety of dancers, anywhere in the world!  You will learn how to:
• Listen and dance to the beat of the music
• Move and place your feet in a natural way
• Use your body sensually, powerfully, and freely
• Apply smooth leading/following techniques and connect effectively with your partner
• Bend the rules and add more creativity to your dancing

Our group classes have a low student-to-instructor ratio. We strive to provide individualized attention to each student while maintaining a consistent pace.

Our teachers come from a diverse background and have over 10 years of experience teaching hundreds of students. We also have experience dancing in venues across the globe. We motivate each other to improve, and we focus on fun. We are constantly learning and developing new tricks and techniques to share with our students.

We organize regular dance outings across the city such as the student-friendly Toronto Salsa Practice. Toronto has a vibrant and diverse salsa community, and you never know just who you’ll meet on the dance floor!

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