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I love to dance and to teach.

Re: my dancing, I first developed a love for Latin music and dance in Honduras. Since moving to Canada nearly 25 years ago, I immersed myself in various dance styles, including Ballroom. However, my true passion was in the Cuban rhythms and dances, particularly Son and Casino (i.e., "Cuban Salsa"). I was fortunate to find great instructors like Vladimir and Albena in Toronto, Israel Valdez in Cuba and Roberto Borrell in San Francisco. I now train with Duane Wrenn (, who has transformed the way I view the music and the dance! 

Re: my teaching, I love to break things down into concepts and fundamentals. My specialty is on leading and following techniques, and how to be effective and efficient whilst carrying on a conversation with you dance partner. In particular, leveraging Duane's principles and concepts, I also focus on adaptability on the dance floor.

Re: other fun facts, I used to be a martial arts instructor in Vancouver - surprisingly, there are many similarities between dance and martial arts! 


  • Santos

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    Director / Instructor

  • Azusa

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    Instructor / Choreographer

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    Event Manager