Salsa private lessons in TorontoPRIVATE / SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS

Learn at your own pace! Whether you want to take your time or progress at a faster pace, private lessons are for everyone.

Since everyone has unique learning needs, we can provide you with lessons tailored to your requirements; this allows us to ensure that all of your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Private/semi-private lessons are the best way to accomplish your individual objectives including:

"Social Dancing" - learn some footwork and combinations that you can try with your partner or friends at any dance socials/parties/events!

"Wedding Dance" - need help with your first dance? We can help create your own first dance choreography or teach you some fun/romantic moves so that you'll be ready for your special day!

"Dance Choreography" - hire us to teach you a dance rouine for any occasion including a dance performance/competition, a flashmob, a music video choreography and etc.

"Personal Training" - willing to improve your own dance techniques and/or prefer to work on one-on-one basis? Tell us what you need and want and we'd be happy to cuztomize your own training program.


We offer lessons in Salsa (Cuban and linear), BachataMerengueCha cha cha, Rueda de CasinoLatin CabaretCuban Son/RumbaBody conditioning/styling and more!

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