I don’t have a partner – can I still register / learn to dance?

Yes!  A partner is not required; salsa dancing is a very social activity.  In group classes, we rotate partners often during class so everyone gets a chance to dance with each other.  In private classes, your instructor will be your partner.

What should I wear to class?

You will be moving a lot so wear something comfortable. A lot of our students like to bring a change of clothes as the classes can be a bit of a workout!  Also please be sure to wear something clean and to freshen up before class… mints/gum, deodorant, etc.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

Our classes are in a dance studio and we recommend something comfortable which does not scratch the floor (non-marking soles).  If you have dance shoes, that is great.  Otherwise, it is a good idea to have an extra pair of clean dress shoes with smooth soles; please ensure these are indoor shoes as we don’t want to ruin the new wooden studio floor (no wet street shoes, clunky boots, steel-toes, outdoor runners, etc.).  For ladies, please note that high heel shoes are not required.

How long are the group classes?

All group classes are 60 minutes or 90 minutes (unless otherwise specified).

How do I register for the courses?

You may register in person or via the Registration Form on this website.  To guarantee placement in a course, pre-paid bookings are essential.  You have the following payment options:  
• Online credit card payment via Paypal
• Through your Paypal account
• Cash or cheque payment at the studio

Where is your dance studio located?

We are located in the heart of downtown Toronto, a few minutes walk from Bathurst subway station.  Click here for more details!

Do I really have unlimited access to repeat the fundamental courses?

Yes!  We want all our students to have strong fundamentals and encourage students to focus on developing their muscle memory and fine tuning their leading/following skills – repetition and practice are one of the best ways to do that!

I missed the first class – can I still join the course in the second week?

If you missed the first week, you can still join.  However, please try your best to catch up either by asking your classmates or your instructor what was covered.  You may also take a private lesson to cover the material in more detail.  Note that the full course fee still applies after course commencement.  Also keep in mind the same course will be available at a later date – please check with the instructor regarding schedule and availability.

I may miss one or two classes during the course – what are my options?

If you happen to miss one or two classes (e.g., work, travel, illness, etc.), you can check with the instructor on when the same class will be available at a later date to reschedule.  We also encourage you to ask your classmates and practice new moves and techniques together. Some of our students prefer to book private lessons as they find it a great way to learn new material and review previous classes.

Can I just pay for one class (i.e., drop-in)?

We have drop-in options for our Night Club Salsa Combinations (SC) courses only.  The Salsa Fundamentals and Fundamentals In Action courses (SF, SFA I and SFA II) are progressive and foundational so we encourage our students to register for the package in order to take advantage of the full curriculum. Please refer to our Group Classes page for more information.